Production with my production collective Zion.
Representation of the hidden cerebral side of the MINIMAXXX thrift store: its energy, mentality and vision.
Shot using a variety of ancient and futuristic imaging techniques, this film symbolizes building a future by repurposing the old to create the new.
We follow the evolution of several upcycled pieces and outfits, from their conception to their distribution.
Directed by Jules Ricordeau 
Co-directed by Camille Cabanis 
Produced by ZION x MINIMAXXX 
Executive producers: Jules Ricordeau, Chloé Prost 
Producer L.A: Areg Manukyan
Backstage photos by me
1st AD: Margot Pasquier 
2nd AD: Bimo Lionel Lacotte 
Storyboard Artist: Camille Cabanis 
1st AC: Benjamin Tanoh 
Gaffer: Aurèle Ponce 
Grip: Nemo Delaguila 
Costume Designers: Mathieu Gitton, Jeanne-Lise M’Bedane, Marine De Jaeghere & Diane Morvan 
VFX CREW: Hacene H Aurèle Ponce Emmanuel Dudoret Cihan Yilmaz Mateo Dartois 
ANIMATION CREW: Paul Xue-shan & Camille Cabanis 
Poster designer: Tom Bouilloz & Camille Cabanis 
Set Photographers: Martin Rabary, Samuel Mak Po Pan, Juzolin , Areg Manukyan, Chloé Prost 
NY CREW: Steadycamer: Pierre Olivier Guillet 
L.A CREW: Producer: Areg Manukyan 
Steadycamer: Mathias Carette 
Featuring: Camille Cabanis, Rudy Machetto, Laura Herve, Maxime Vinh-San, Youssef Benaissa, Sara Gerber, Noa Guillot, Lola Trapier, Mathieu Gitton, Marine De Jaeghere, Jeanne-Lise M’Bedane, Dinh Duc, Lao Peter, Anissa Zouiter, Léo Bounor, Bali Wail, Donghoon Ok, Alexandre Lemaire, Gabin Sayn, Adam Zaouak, Karina Sharip, Yann Ricordeau, Oumou Cissé 
Big thanks to Emmanuel Thery - Minimaxxx Team - La Cinéfabrique - Louis Drebet - AbruptProd - Laura Fontaine - Clara Fichet - Christophe Truong-Vinh-Xuong - Diane Morvan - Hacene H - Benjamin Mallan - Alex Pemoulie - Samuel Mak-Po-Pan - Jules Ricordeau - Candice Da-Cunha - Valérie Vernier-Ricordeau - Jeanne-Lise M'bedane - Lana Samouillet - Mariette Dusservaix-Clement - Yael Barroz - Adrien Pignon - Estelle Prost - Anne-Marie Vernier
Musique : Nedaj - "GENESIS" & Skeler - "TEL AVIV"
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