Inspired by the fairytale Flore et Blancheflore, this series of photographs showcases the clothes and invites the viewer to plunge into the poetic universe of this legendary story.
The artistic direction of this project was inspired by a tale about two eponymous characters who grow up together, but are one day separated, and set off on a quest to find each other. Through a series of trials and tribulations, including a game of chess, Flore manages to find Blancheflore by hiding in a basket of flowers to get into the place where she's being held prisoner. In this project, the heterosexual love relationship of the original characters - Flore and Blancheflore - is now two women whose relationship is blurred, oscillating between love and friendship without our needing to know its true nature. I took the key elements of the quest for the shoot: the chess game, the basket of flowers, to create the overall universe. Floire is the character who, in the original tale, hides in the flowers.
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